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You are ?

An industrial firm, a solution intégrator, an ingeneering consulting agency ?

  • You want to optimize your business processes throuh digital technologies?
  • You want to secure an industrial site to guarantee your collegues health ?
  • You are implied in a sustainability action ?
  • You need to advise a customer in its digital transformation ?

EyeSnap likely already successfully handled a similar problematics :


Industrial Firm
  • Simplification of field operations
  • Seemless customer  service
  • Security gain for the inspections on complexe industrial sites
Integrator & consulting firm
  • Expertise provider in the  digitalisation of field operations
  • Co-conception of solutions
  • Integration of technological bricks

Our expertise

Field operations digitalisation

To answer today’s main challenges of  the industries:

  • Increase productivity
  • Secure workforce environment
  • Guarantee a quality of service (SLA)
  • Reach sustainable business objectives

EyeSnap provides tailored services and  solutions based on AI and Image recognition. Our expertise is built on top of 3 pilars:

  1. Link the strategic vision of the company’s digital transformation and its opérationnal field deployment
  2. Setup a «Bottom-Up » approach: we start from the operation needs with our clients to find adapted solutions
  3. Lighten the low added value tasks with automated and easy to use solutions 


EyeSnap solutions are already used by several business fonctions for different markets.

Use Cases

Industry, Forensic


EyeSnap devlops “on the shelf” micro-services, based on image recognition, ready to use by a third party application

Automated document processing

Financial documents – Telecom sites …

Security assets identification

Extinguisher – Signaletics …

Packaged Solutions

EyeSnap technology enables specific equipment recognition in videos captured  with a robotic plateform

Inspection Robot for complex sites

Nuclear Dismantling

IOT Solution with security alerts

Complex equipement maintenance

Tailored projects

EyeSnap helps you in your innovation projects requesting a visual search  technology. We guarantee the project  confidentiality, data governance and a tailored service adapted to your needs

Specific objects identification

Tailored technological development

Web watch & asset protection

Asset protection – Brand Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, OCR

  • Technological micro-services (SaaS)

    AI - OCR

    Secure cloud

  • Technological micro-services (IoT)

    Mobile SDK

    Edge computing

  • Packaged Products (SaaS/RaaS)


    360° Digital Twin

  • Bespoke Projects (SaaS/Edge)

    AI - OCR

    Visual Chatbot

Our approach

A 3 step methodology 


Understand the benefits of digitalisation for field professionals

Adopt Design Thinking

Identify a “Quick Win”


Evaluate the company digital maturity

Analyse a”Quick Win”

Estimate the gain provided by the digitalisation of a business process


EyeSnap technology setup

Service co-construction

Techonology adoption by the teams

Management team

We are passionate about Digital & Innovation

Nicolas CUBAUD

Nicolas brings over 20 years of experience in innovation and software product delivery in France and California. He worked for startup and global companies in consulting and industry fields.


Enoal joined EyeSnap in 2016 after completing his MsC in computer science with a major in Artificial Intelligence. Enoal brings a strong expertise in Software Engineering and Deep Neural Networks.



Technology, Business


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