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    Digital transformation, ROI

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EyeSnap Image Recognition platform

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    100ms per image - accuracy over 95%

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Case Studies

Retail, Media, Industry

Augmented Product

Accessing contextual digital information on a product (stock information, price, last month sales analytics etc..)  provides a better communication and therefore efficiency in the customer/supplier relationship.

We built a SaaS based mobile application connected to a daily updated toy database of 100 000 products.


 IOS and Android mobile applications to facilitate in-store inventory and info sharing

Brand Intelligence

Managing your online presence, ensuring that the images you handled is GDPR compliant, detecting counterfeits or stolen content when millions of visual contents are uploaded every minute on the internet is not manageable by a human being.

We built a scalable Big Data solution based on proprietary EyeSnap technology to help you tackle these issues.

Legal & Security

Scalable Big Data solution to tackle copyright infringement and online counterfeiting

PARTS Management

Accessing a spare part reference in a catalogue with thousands of references may take up to 30 minutes in industrial maintenance activities.

We built a custom AI based mobile application embedded on a Smartphone to access the reference of the spare part in less than a second and know right away if the part is in stock or needs to be ordered


Security & productivity gain MRO mobile application for the maintenance operators

Other references

Security, Communication

Technical partners & integrators

Software, Hardware & Content

Management team

We are passionate about Digital & Innovation

Nicolas CUBAUD

Nicolas brings over 20 years of experience in innovation and software product delivery in France and California. He worked for startup and global companies in consulting and industry fields.


Enoal joined EyeSnap in 2016 after completing his MsC in computer science with a major in Artificial Intelligence. Enoal brings a strong expertise in Software Engineering and Deep Neural Networks.



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